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26 March

350Z Whiteline Differential Bushing Install

Activate More Grip – 350Z Whiteline Differential Bushing Install The dreaded black goo of a blown rear differential bushing is very common among Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35 owners. The problem is Nissan thought it was a good idea to fill a rubber bushing with gel, however over time the rubber tends to crack and […]

16 March

Osiris Uprev Tune at STILLEN

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If you find yourself needing an Osiris Uprev tune and live in southern California getting your car tuned at STILLEN is the most cost effective shop around. The price of the Osiris Uprev license is basically integrated into the price of the tune. In other words you get both for the same price. At the […]

23 December

350Z Rear Toe Arms DIY Install – Voodoo13

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If you have installed true rear coilovers on your 350Z then the time has come to dispose of your old spring buckets and upgrade to adjustable 350z rear toe arms. We recommend Voodoo13 Rear Toe Arms, they are built with a surprisingly high degree of quality for reasonable prices right here in the USA. Install […]

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