A Visit To Parts Shop MAX

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If there is a suspension heaven, Parts Shop MAX is it. I took a visit today to their USA headquarters located in Escondido California and it was nothing short of kick ass. Parts Shop MAX specializes in Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru and Hyundai suspension components tailored to drifting and performance motorsports.

Wall Of Gold

As I pulled into the Parts Shop MAX parking lot I was greeted with a bevy of brawlers parked glistening in the sun. Each of the rides was personally owned and tuned by the masters inside. This was my first encounter with a S15 in person and this particular one is receiving an LS3 power plant, Shazam!

Parts Shop MAX


Ready to get down to business I met with Dan who was very friendly and gave me a full tour of the facility. He was also kind enough to let me snap photos of all the epic gold goodies littering the 6000 square foot facility.

Parts Shop MAX

The warehouse was literally like a leprechauns stash with treasures popping out of boxes instead of pots.

Parts Shop MAX


Parts Shop MAX carries a full line of their own agreeably priced suspension components that perform as good as they look. They offer custom suspension fabrication as well to meet the needs of any drifter.


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