Best Tuner Lug Nuts

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Defeated In Battle

We recently had a bad experience with a cheap Taiwan aluminum lug bolt on our Z3. When we went to remove the first lug bolt it sheared right off like it was made out of butter. After 2 days of drilling to get the remainder out of the wheel hub we had given up, defeated by the remnants of aluminum shrapnel that was hell bent on not coming out.

Like many things you get what you pay for and lug nuts is one area you don’t want to cheap out on. We recommend using stainless steel tuner lug nuts for maximum strength in the skids. You can use aluminum lug nuts and they may be slightly lighter but it will eventually strip as you take them on and off so might as well do it right.

A good set of basic tuner lug nuts is going to start around $70 which is not bad considering they are holding your expensive wheels safely in place. Tuner lug nuts can range all the way up to $700 for the full titanium Amuse set. Honestly though titanium lug nuts are overkill for everyone not driving a Sesto Elemento Lamborghini.


There are many different brands of tuner lug nuts, such as Muteki, blox, buddy-club, evs, greddy, project kics, rays, TiTek, weds, work, Volk, McGard, and MAX. We went with a set of powered by MAX extended spline drive stainless steel tuner lug nuts and could not be happier. They are open ended so they do get water inside after a wash however the stainless part kicks in and you can just wipe em out. The extension is nice for ease of removal and you no longer have to worry about scraping your wheels.


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