Cars and Coffee Irvine 1-4-14

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Cars and Coffee Irvine

What better way to start the new year then visiting Cars and Coffee Irvine for the first time. The first Saturday of 2014 was as exciting as being a ten year old on Christmas morning. We had been planning our trip for 2 weeks and the night before I could hardly sleep, waking through the night expecting it to be time to go.

The BMW Z3 arrived at my house in what seemed like the dead of night and whisked us off for our hour long trek to Irvine with an excited growl rumbling from the Magnaflow exhaust. We eventually caught sight of a number of race cars heading towards a business district and we followed suit. After parking on the top floor, we hastily made our way with the crowd heading for a large parking lot filled with people and cars.


We arrived sometime around 7am and the lot was already packed full. The first car we saw was a stunning Porsche with a massively wide body kit and a mat grey paint scheme. It was auto pornography everywhere I looked, one after another the cars kept enticing me. It was around the time that a Koenigsegg CCX rolled in that I realized cars and coffee delivers. The fact that cars and coffee irvine happens spontaneously every Saturday was astonishing.

Flush Audi

We snaked our way through the lanes snapping photos like a couple of amateurs giddy with excitement. After some time of gawking, pointing fingers, and making exclamation it was time to wrap it up and head home. On the way back we stopped by Lees for a tasty breakfast still talking about the cars we had just seen.

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