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Friday Night Lights

boss 302 Mustang

What better way to test out your car and all your hard earned modifications then at the drag strip. Almost every Friday during Summer RaceLegal is hosting drag racing at Qualcomm Stadium usually starting around 6:30ish till past midnight. Qualcomm Stadium is located at 9449 Friars Rd, San Diego, CA 92108. Check the 2014 drag race schedule for exact dates.

SS Camaro Drag Racing

Entry fees to drag race are only $30 for the whole night and you can do as many runs as you wish. If you show up early enough you can basically do run after run making it a good value for dollar spent. Spectator fees are $10 per person, which I thought was a little steep considering your just watching. If you want to just watch for a bit you can drive behind Lowes off Friars Rd and just watch over the gate. If your racing remember to bring your helmet and be ready to pass a tech inspection at the entrance gate.

SRT-iced Drag Racing

Unfortunately the drag racing strip is only an 1/8th mile, so you don’t get the full 1/4 mile time but its still quite a bit of fun. Usually they will have two lanes open to keep the action going for the spectators and the racing line moving quickly. Depending on how the staging goes you can sometimes have 4 cars lined up and racing nearly at the same time making for a grand drag racing spectacle.

odd-pairing Drag Racing

As evidenced by the photo above, it really does not matter what vehicle you bring. No one really cares, as everyone is just there to have a good time. As a side note the Tesla won but the Titan put up a really good fight. When you feel like taking a break from the action there are usually plenty of nice cars to gawk at parked in the lot, like this sweet flat black 240z and Golf R with powder coated orange Rotiform LBQ rims.

flat black 240z


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