Golden RB26DETT – Modified Engine

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There’s something about the RB26dett that elicits shock and awe. It might be because it was never produced in the states. It might be because it has six individual throttle bodies instead of one coupled with a pair of snail chargers. It might be because you can boost the hell out of the stock block. Or maybe its because an inline six capable of producing power in terms of megawatts instead of horsepower is just bad ass. Either way I give you the sultry RB26dett in all of its purple and gold goodness.


The RB26DETT motor is a 2.6 liter inline six cylinder used primarily in the R32, R33, AND R34 Skyline GT-R. The RB26DETT block is constructed from cast iron, with the cylinder head made from aluminum. The cylinder head contains 4 valves per cylinder running a DOHC setup. The intake manifold of the RB26DETT has six individual throttle bodies instead of a single throttle body like the previous models. The engine also uses a twin-turbo system arranged so that the front turbo is powered by the front 3 cylinders, and the rear turbo is powered by the rear 3 cylinders. The RB26DETT uses a pair of T28-type ceramic turbochargers that are set by the waste-gates to limit boost pressure to 10 psi, although the Skyline GT-R has a built in boost restrictor to keep boost under 14 psi.

If you could swap a RB26DETT into a car here in the states which would you choose? Our top five choices are below.

1. Nissan 350z
2. Datsun 240z
3. Nissan S14
4. Scion FRS
5. Mazda RX7

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