Illest Slammed Sundays

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Once a month the boutique clothing store Illest hosts an event for everyone to get together, show their cars, and have a good time. Having gone to our first Illest Slammed Sundays event back in late 2013, we were anxious to get back to document the event. Unfortunately Illest canceled the January meet due to opening their new storefront in Hawaii.


Typically at an Illest Slammed Sundays event you can expect to find a new clothing lineup, a raffle to win free prizes or a select merchandise discount. At this particular event they had just released a new lineup of children’s clothing.

Illest Slammed Sundays

We arrived around 2pm which still gave us plenty of sunlight to capture all the cars. Groups of people had already formed up and down both sides of the road while others perused the merchandise inside the boutique. The Dogzilla roach coach was serving up food on the spot to hungry patrons while a DJ rocked beats from inside the store.


Illest Slammed Sundays, Featured Cars

Without further ado some of the highlights from Illest Slammed Sundays.



We immediately spotted a pair of white Scion’s that had each been fitted to a nice set of wheels. The latter is rolling WORK Meister S1 3 piece in a black finish.



This Evo was completely gutted and rocking a set of 18″ Enkei NT03’s. The Enkei NT03 wheels are fairly unique in the fact that they contain an inner circle that floats through the spokes. We would really like to see a set of NT03’s dipped in bronze. Another unique feature about this car are the Illest Bride collaboration racing seats.


The new Lexus might have face like a predator but Dayuum that ass tho. It has the exhaust setup of an ISF wrapped in a beautiful WALD carbon fiber diffuser.

Illest Slammed Sundays Supra


This Toyota Supra truly is a naturally aspirated hero sporting individual throttle bodies on its straight six 2JZ-GE. An unmodified naturally aspirated 2JZ-GE produced 220 horsepower at 5800 RPM’s, were guessing this one is pushing north of 300+ horsepower. Currently this Supra is sitting on a set of WORK OG Equip’s.

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