Osiris Uprev Tune at STILLEN

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Stillen 370z

If you find yourself needing an Osiris Uprev tune and live in southern California getting your car tuned at STILLEN is the most cost effective shop around. The price of the Osiris Uprev license is basically integrated into the price of the tune. In other words you get both for the same price. At the time of writing this the bill ran to the tune of $575 which believe it or not is actually a good deal for an Osiris Uprev tune considering if you buy the license yourself from Osiris its going to cost you $500.

Osiris Uprev Tune

It took us about an hour to drive to get to their office in Costa Mesa. When we arrived there were a number of fine looking fairladies waiting for us in the parking lot. We immediately started wandering like idiots inside the garage photographing like tourists then headed into the showroom. A pristine forest green z32 was parked just inside the main door and left us wondering how they got it in there. The offices were quite spacious, with a waiting room, a kitchen, a showroom, a sales cubicle floor and who knows what else that’s only what we saw just poking around.

Osiris Uprev Tune

Osiris Uprev Tune

The Mystery Tune VS. Osiris Uprev Tune

Our sales rep was friendly and helped direct us to a place to grab a bite to eat while we waited for the car to get tuned. While we were eating lunch the service tech gave me a ring and explained that the car already had a tune on it and they were not sure what kind of tune it was. They went on to tell me that if they continued with the Osiris Uprev tune there was a chance that it could brick the ecu leaving us stranded. Befuddled and confused by this information we decided to scratch the project and returned back to the STILLEN office to get a full refund.


We headed home $575 richer, but with future plans for ITB’s and a Haltech ECU in mind those riches wont last long.

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