Quest For The HR 350z

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We have long been looking for the right 07-08 HR 350Z to modify, turns out they are rather hard to find and usually over priced. Envisioning the right HR 350Z however comes quite easily, it would be black with a proper 6 speed manual gearbox and it would have relatively low miles reflecting that the owner didn’t daily drive it.

Black HR 350z

Ever since Nissan released the 350Z in 2003 we have felt like it was one of the best looking sports cars on the market. It has an iconic rear sloping profile and a broad aggressive front fascia all wrapped into a smooth package that looks and feels like a sports car should. Eleven years later and we still cannot stop thinking about owning one. With nothing left to do we have set out on a quest to get one, the right one.

HR 350z Volk GTV

What about the 370Z?

Of course the 350Z interior could look nicer, more akin to the 370Z’s smooth leather wrapped everything. That is a sacrifice we are willing to make in the name of having those smooth exterior lines. Many people have asked us, “Why dont you get the 370Z?” to which they are met with a blank stare and a simple reply, “Because, we like the HR 350Z better.” and in the end that’s all that matters.

For awhile we liked the 370Z and when done right they can look really good. However something about the profile of the 370Z began to wear on us. It started to appear snubbed in the rear and sharp in odd places. It was as if the designers were trying to make all the edges into a symbolic katana. Even the wheels reflect this blade style design. Sometimes less is more, at least for us.

Top Secret 350z Diffuser

There are two things missing from a stock HR 350Z that are essential to making it complete. The first is a Top Secret carbon fiber rear diffuser as pictured above. The second is a proper low profile spoiler, particularly one that slightly turns up like the Blitz spoiler above. If your lucky enough to find a Mastergrade carbon fiber hatch, it comes complete with a rear duck tail style lip on the back that complements the HR 350Z very well.

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